Q: How long does a paving job take to complete?

A: This is determined on the size of your area being paved as well weather conditions which can hold back construction time. Your paving company will be able to give you an estimate timing on when job will be completed.

Q: How long should you wait before stepping on a new paving?

A: It is advised that you should wait at least 3 days before stepping on a new paved area. The cement needs time to dry, however weather conditions can delay this for a few more days.

Q: How do I know which paving company to go with?

A: If you choose a cheaper paving company, the workmanship may not be of quality.  It is advised to go with a paving company that comes highly recommended and that as several years of experience when it comes to paving.

Q: Can weeds grow through the paving?

A: Weeds will not grow on the paved area if the paving job has been done correctly as the cement needs to be laid correctly.

Q: Will paving deteriorate over time?

A: Like anything that is left and not taken care of it will deteriorate. Your paving company will advise on how to maintain your paved area

Q: Do paving bricks come on different colours?

A: Yes paving bricks do come in different colours.  Your paving contractor will be able to show you all the different colours that they supply.

Q: Can you draw up your own paving design?

A: The paving company will have a catalogue of all different designs. But if you have a specific design the paving contractor will be able to draw it up for you.